Birthday Party Planning Checklist

From my upcoming book on how to plan a GREAT birthday party for kids!

3 to 4 wks before Party

c Pick Date & Time
c Make Guest List
c Decide on Budget
c Pick Theme & Décor
c Do Online Ordering
c Choose Menu & Drink
c Make Party Supply List
c Choose Games & Activities
c Buy or Create Party Invitations
c Book any "Professional" Entertainment Needed
c Reserve Locale if off site
c Decide if making or buying Cake

2 to 3 wks before Party

c Order or buy party favors
c Buy materials needed for games
c Mail invitations
c Purchase balloons
c Call & get HELP for Party Day
c Gather any already owned party supplies
c Begin making homemade Party Décor
c List any other supplies needed.
c Order any rental equipment needed (Dunk Tank, e.t.c.)
c Buy film/tape
c Buy Piñata, candy, & fillers
c Put guest list by phone and check off incoming confirms or declines

1 week before party

c Do all heavy cleaning
c Order cake (If not making one)
c Buy food and drink supplies needed for party
c Don't forget the birthday candles
c Call non RSVP Guest
c Digital & Disposable Cameras for Event?

2 Days Before Party

c Check batteries for cameras (Buy extra batteries if needed)
c Clean party area, inside or out
c Make room in refrigerator for Party Food and Drinks
c Confirm professional entertainment, cake, and any other possible arrangements that were made in advance
c Pick out some party music
c Confirm head count
c Prepare party favor bags (If entertainer doesn't offer them)
c Any last minute shopping needed done?
c Get games and activities together

Day Before Party

c Clean bathrooms
c Decorate Party Room
c Childproof where needed
c Set up games and activities (…again, check with your entertainer!)
c Set Out Party Favors (…again, check with your entertainer!)
c Prepare any food you can without spoilage
c Wash outdoor tables/ chairs
c Charge camcorder
c Bake and decorate cake if making
c Pick up cake if ordered
c Pick up any last minute items
c If freezer space is available, pick up ice
c Treat yourself, order in or eat out!

Day Of Party

c Set out Cake
c Set out table settings and décor
c Last touches to game centers.
c Is camera or camcorder out and ready?
c Disposable cameras ready.
c Get food ready!
c Check Bathrooms for supplies
c Put pets away
c Greet guest with smiles!
c Have a ball!


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